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Dr. Lorraine has been my primary care professional for over ten years. Her caring attitude and warm presence is healing in and of itself, and she knows her stuff, too! She had created a practice that is sorely needed in our area. Contact her today!

— Terry K.
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Menopause is a regular part of aging, but every woman has a different experience with it. Some move through menopause with little to no disruption to their quality of life. Other women experience a range of symptoms including but not limited to:  hot flashes, insomnia, decreased libido, irritability, and more. Managing menopause is more than just prescribing estrogen or giving antidepressants. At PBHW we will perform a complete women’s health exam, evaluate hormones, and inventory your symptoms. The care plan will be decided on in conjunction with your health history, personal beliefs, and best practices in menopause management.


No two women are alike! That is why we work with each patient to develop a carte plan that works for them.


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