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Dr. Lorraine has been my primary care professional for over ten years. Her caring attitude and warm presence is healing in and of itself, and she knows her stuff, too! She had created a practice that is sorely needed in our area. Contact her today!

— Terry K.
  • 9 East High Street, Carlisle PA 17013



At Peaceful Balance Health & Wellness we try to make healthcare affordable for everyone. We have a program for employers who cannot afford to provide traditional insurance coverage. With our program employers can offer primary care services to employees and their families. We help you keep your business healthy.


We work with employers to choose an affordable yet comprehensive care plan they can offer employees. Since its founding we have become an integral part of Carlisle, advancing our mission of providing access to compassionate care for everyone.


We offer simplified primary care!

General care is delivered directly by our healthcare provider. As an employer, we establish a plan for your employees based on a monthly subscription.   Plans allow patients access to the provider and office services. The monthly membership fee eliminates the need for deductibles, co-pays, and complicated insurance billing. In exchange for your monthly membership fee, Peaceful Balance Health & Wellness (PBHW) takes care of your primary care needs.

Should an employee cease employment we can easily discontinue the care plan or offer them the option to continue at their own expense.


  • Gold Tier Plan (after $150 Enrollment fee)
  • Platinum Tier Plan (after $150 Enrollment fee)
  • Diamond Tier Plan (after $300 Enrollment fee)
  • Custom Plans


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