Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a practice and payment model where patients join our practice and agree to pay a reasonable monthly payment (often less than the cost of insurance coverage alone) for a defined set of primary care services regularly available at our practice.

As a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider, Peaceful Balance Health and Wellness focuses on you and your health without the unnecessary intrusion of insurance companies. We believe that the best primary care medicine is both personal and affordable, and that’s what PBHW offers. Primary care is all we do, so you are the primary focus of every appointment you attend. The DPC experience fosters the development of a patient/provider relationship based on trust and respect; the type of relationship every patient deserves. We do not bill insurance for the care provided in our office, with the exception of traditional Medicare. PBHW IS a participating provider in the traditional Medicare program. We DO NOT participate in Medicare Advantage plans offered by other insurers such as Highmark Senior Blue, UPMC for Life, or Geisinger Gold. Peaceful Balance Health & Wellness is a part of the American Advanced Practice Network (American APN). This gives us access to the most cutting-edge technology available for delivering patient care in the office or virtually through telemedicine. American APN is a nationwide network of Nurse-owned practices that support nurse entrepreneurs like Dr. Bock.

This service model stabilizes practice finances, allowing us to focus on the needs of our patients and improving their health outcomes, rather than coding and billing. In turn, our patients benefit from being a member of our DPC practice because the membership fee covers the cost of many primary care services. This effectively removes any additional financial expense a patient may encounter as costs for routine care, including preventative, wellness, and chronic care services. Most patients, depending on affordability, still carry insurance for coverage of healthcare services that cannot be provided in the primary care practice setting, such as specialty care and hospitalizations. Direct Primary Care is especially well suited for patients with high deductible plans where they might normally be paying out of pocket for any primary care services that are not considered preventive.

  • First Responder Care

    Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and EMS physicals and health maintenance

  • Women’s Health & Family Planning

    includes annual women’s health exam, birth control management of heavy periods, and PMS treatment

  • Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

    with and without the use of medications

  • Weight Loss

    with and without the use of medications

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